Qatar has always looked to the sea, with its natural bounty of teeming marine life and 560 km of coastline. While the harsh conditions of the desert interior afforded few opportunities for agriculture, Qataris have always settled around the peninsula’s coast where the shallow waters of the Gulf provided a reliable natural bounty of teeming marine life. 

For generations, fishing and pearl diving provided the mainstay of life for many communities and, while the latter succumbed to the advent of cultured pearls in the 1930s, Qatari waters remain rich in fish life.

Tourists who are interesting in taking fishing trips will find a multitude of options available. A number of tour companies offer both early morning and afternoon trips on a variety of boats, including traditional dhows to smaller speedboats. 

Many tour operators will also supply fishing rods, lines, bait and storage for transporting your catch back to Doha. 

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