What should I expect visiting Qatar?

Qatar is a dynamic modern society with deep cultural roots that provide the foundations of the nation’s life and development. Old world courtesies and hospitality co-exist with a keen awareness of modern lifestyles, business and the latest technology.

A high proportion of Qataris are well-travelled, speak excellent English and are familiar with and respectful of other international cultures and religions. Many have lived and studied overseas.

Qataris celebrate their heritage in many areas of modern life: everyone wears traditional clothing and many are enthusiastic followers of ancient pastimes such as camel racing and falconry, as well as traditional poetry, music, dance, art and handicrafts.

What about women visitors?

Female visitors, whether travelling alone or in a group, experience no special restrictions of dress or behaviour in day-to-day life in Qatar. Women have as much freedom as men to drive cars, conduct business etc. Foreign women visitors can be assured they will be readily accepted and welcomed.

Do visitors need a visa to enter the country?

Qatar welcomes travellers from all over the world. For up-to-date information on visas, please visit the Ministry of Interior’s website: http://www.bit.ly/1Mke0K7.

Is there a dress code?

The attitude to dress in Qatar is quite relaxed, but visitors (men as well as women) should show respect for local culture and customs in public places by avoiding excessively revealing clothing. Context is important. Bikinis and beachwear are acceptable by the hotel pool but not in public places in the city. Business visitors should dress as they would do in their home countries.

Is alcohol served and where?

Alcohol is available, but only at restaurants and bars associated with hotels and private clubs.

Is Qatar safe?

Qatar is a peaceful, stable and harmonious society, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

What is the language spoken in Qatar?

Arabic is the official language and English is widely spoken and understood. The leading hotels have multi-lingual events teams, usually fluent in a number of other languages.

Where can I organize an event?

The government has invested in developing an unrivalled portfolio of state-of-the-art event facilities, notably Qatar National Convention Centre and the new Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, purpose-built to the highest international standards and capable of catering to the largest international conventions and exhibitions.

Hotel event facilities are excellent, offering everything needed to stage a professional conference, meeting or function and providing flexible, well-equipped meeting facilities, accommodation and recreational attractions in a single location,

Qatar also has a many unique event venues available of for business functions and incentives, including The Museum of Islamic Art, Al Zubarah Fort, Katara Cultural Village, Aspire Zone sports complex and many more.

What special activities does Qatar offer for incentive programmes?

Qatar’s cultural heritage offers a wealth of possibilities for creating memorable incentive programmes and activities.

Receptions and functions may feature the serving of Arabic coffee, Qatari cuisine, traditional music and dance performances, henna painting, falconers with their birds and Arabic calligraphers.

Incentive programmes can include desert adventures and safaris, dhow cruises, visits to the traditional Qatari market of Souq Waqif and trips to the camel races, among the many other exciting options and experiences on offer.

Is it easy to organize an event in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar boasts a comprehensive range of support services, including highly experienced professional destination management companies and event organizers.

What is the best time of the year to organise an event?

Qatar’s climate controlled facilities allow for a year-round calendar of events. However, the summer heat makes outdoor activities more comfortable between October and April.

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