2018 Business Events Calendar

2018 Business Events Calendar


14th Gulf Heart Association Conference
IFP Qatar / Hamad Medical Cooperation Conference w/ exhibition B2B 11-Jan-18 13-Jan-18 Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel www.hamad.qa
Q-PEM - Qatar Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Apex / Sidra Medical Research Center Conference w/ exhibition B2B 12-Jan-18 14-Jan-18 Grand Hyatt Hotel www.sidra.org
Qatar Banking Expo
Al-Mannai Plus Events B2B & B2C exhibition 14-Jan-18 17-Jan-18 QNCC http://qbexpo.com.qa/
The Master Class Conference
Qatar University Conference 16-Jan-18 16-Jan-18 Library Auditorium 117, Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/events/THE-UNIVERSITY-RANKING-DATA-MASTERCLASS
Expo Turkey 2018
IFP Qatar B2B & B2C exhibition 18-Jan-18 20-Jan-18 DECC www.expoturkeybyqatar.com/en_US/
Doha Heidelberg Conference
IFP Qatar / Hamad Medical Cooperation Conference w/ exhibition B2B 26-Jan-18 27-Jan-18 DECC www.hamad.qa
1st Qatar Cancer Imaging Conference
Hamad Medical Cooperation Conference 26-Jan-18 28-Jan-18 Hajar Auditorium, HMC Education Center www.hamad.qa/en/all-events/fqcic2018/pages/default.aspx


Qatar Finance & Installment Exhibition
Arkan B2B Exhibition 01-Feb-18 03-Feb-18 QNCC www.financialexhibitionqa.com/
Education City Career Fair 2018
Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Exhibition 06-Feb-18 07-Feb-18 Education City Student Center https://hbku.edu.qa/en/news/education-city-career-fair-2018
1st International Arab Association of Industries and Manufacturing Exhibition
Al Rabeta Al Arabia B2B Exhibition 06-Feb-18 08-Feb-18 QNCC www.qatarindustries.com
3rd Qatar International Foot & Ankle & 4th International Spine Conference
IFP Qatar / Hamad Medical Cooperation Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 10-Feb-18 11-Feb-18 Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl - Doha www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/3QFAC2018/Pages/default.aspx
4th Qatar International Ophtalmology Conference
IFP Qatar / Hamad Medical Cooperation Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 16-Feb-18 17-Feb-18 Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/4QIOC/Pages/default.aspx
Law and Digital Age 2018
Qatar Universty Conference 19-Feb-18 20-Feb-18 Ibn Khaldoun Hall- Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/newsroom/Qatar-University/QU-to-co%E2%80%93organize-international-conference-on-%E2%80%9CLaw-and-Digital-Age%E2%80%9D
Awareness and Supported Elements Exhibition 2018
Final Vision Qatar B2B Exhibition 21-Feb-18 24-Feb-18 QNCC www.awarenessexhibition.com/
Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2018
Qatar Tourism Authority / Auditoire Qatar B2C Exhibition 21-Feb-18 26-Feb-18 DECC www.djwe.qa
2nd Qatar Cardiac Imaging Conference
IFP Qatar Confex B2B 23-Feb-18 24-Feb-18 La Cigale Hotel, Doha www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/2QCIC/Pages/default.aspx
Materials Science and Engineering Symposium 2018
Qatar unversity & Texas A&M Symposium and Exhibition 26-Feb-18 26-Feb-18 Research Complex - Building H10 - At Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/conference/material-se-18


Doha Oxford Multidisciplinary IBD Meeting
Hamad Medical Cooperation International Meeting 2-Mar-18 3-Mar-18 InterContinental Hotel Doha N/A
Surgical Endocrine Symposium: Parathyroid Glands
Hamad Medical Cooperation Symposium 2-Mar-18 2-Mar-18 Hajar Auditorium, HMC Education Center www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/SES-2018/Pages/default.aspx
Together to the Best
Qatar University Symposium and Exhibition 4-Mar-18 4-Mar-18 Library Auditorium 117 - At Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/about/events?year=2018&month=3
Future of Media - Leaders Summit
Conex Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 05-Mar-18 06-Mar-18 Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl - Doha https://fmls.aljazeera.com/
Qatar Beauty Festival & Organic Cosmetics
Al Farman B2B & B2C Exhibition 07-Mar-18 13-Mar-18 DECC N/A
Women in Data Science
Qatar University Conference 08-Mar-18 08-Mar-18 Ibn Khaldoun Hall, Qatar University www.widsconference.org/
Medication Sector in Qatar: Hand in Hand Facing the Embargo
Qatar University Symposium 09-Mar-18 10-Mar-18 Ibn Khaldoun Hall, Qarar University www.qu.edu.qa/events/Medication-Sector-in-Qatar-%E2%80%93-Hand-in-Hand-Facing-the-Embargo
Study UK Exhibition 2018
Conex B2B Exhibition 11-Mar-18 12-Mar-18 La Cigale Hotel, Doha www.britishcouncil.qa/en/events/studyuk-exhibition-2018
Qatar Armed Forces B2B Exhibition 12-Mar-18 14-Mar-18 QNCC www.dimdex.com/
Qatar International Boat Show
Al Mannai Plus Events B2B & B2C Exhibition 13-Mar-18 17-Mar-18 The Pearl Qatar - Porto Arabia www.qatarboatshow.com.qa
Doha International Sutainable Energy
Ministry of Energy and Industry / IES Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 19-Mar-18 21-Mar-18 DECC http://dohaenergyexpo.com/
Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference 2018
Qatar Foundation Research and Development Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 19-Mar-18 20-Mar-18 QNCC www.qf-arc.org/en-us/
IFP Qatar B2B & B2C Exhibition 20-Mar-18 22-Mar-18 DECC http://agriteq.com/en/agrtieq-2018-home/
Education Festival Expo
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 21-Mar-18 25-Mar-18 QNCC www.google.com/search?biw=1600&bih=1054&ei=QHrpWouxLYOvUY62uPgF&q=Education+Festival+Expo+2018+qatar++from+21+Mar+-+25+Mar+2018&oq=Education+Festival+Expo+2018+qatar++from+21+Mar+-+25+Mar+2018&gs_l=psy-ab.3...4714.6402.0.7005.
Vodafone Innovation Day
Four and One Group Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 21-Mar-18 21-Mar-18 Four Seasons Hotel Doha www.vodafone.qa/en/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy-Ok8tHm2gIVQzobCh3fOQTKEAAYASAAEgKxfPD_BwE
Women in Law Conference 2018
Qatar University Conference 22-Mar-18 22-Mar-18 Qatar University Hall C219 www.qu.edu.qa/events/Women-in-Law-Conference-2018
Middle East Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare 2018
Apex Business Solutions WLL Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 23-Mar-18 25-Mar-18 QNCC www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/MEFQSH2018/Pages/default.aspx
9th Annual International Translation Conference - Translation in the Digital Age: From Translation Tools to Shifting Paradigms
Hamad Bin Khalifa University Conference 27-Mar-18 28-Mar-18 Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) www.tii.qa/en/9th-annual-international-translation-conference-translation-digital-age-translation-tools-shifting
Jean Paul Mynè Haircare Product
Apex Business Solutions WLL Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 28-Mar-18 30-Mar-18 Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl - Doha www.jeanpaulmyne.com/en/


Qatar Self Sufficiency Exhibition
Hi Sky Tourism B2B Exhibition 1-Apr-18 3-Apr-18 DECC www.q-sse.com/en/home/
Digital Transformation of SMEs
Zoom Art & Design B2B Exhibition 1-Apr-18 1-Apr-18 DECC https://godigital.motc.gov.qa/index.php/en/
Youth Centers Forum 2018
Ministry of Culture and Sports Exhibition 3-Apr-18 5-Apr-18 N/A N/A
First Annual Qatar Hematology Symposium
Hamad Medical Corporation Educational Symposuim 6-Apr-18 7-Apr-18 Sheraton Grand Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/FQAHS2018/Pages/default.aspx
2nd Qatar Neuroscience Conference
Hamad Medical Corporation Conference 8-Apr-18 10-Apr-18 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel www.hamad.qa
Qatar Process Safety Symposium
IFP Qatar Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 08-Apr-18 09-Apr-18 InterContinental Doha - The City www.iomosaic.com/about/news-events/2018-qatar-process-safety-symposium
Qatar Road show 2018
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 09-Apr-18 10-Apr-18 The Diplomatic Club N/A
CISO 2018
Apex Business Solutions B2B Exhibition 09-Apr-18 09-Apr-18 Shangri-La Hotel www.idc.com/mea/events/65203-idc-security-summit-2018
Qatar India Business and Investment Conference
Reach Events Confex B2B 16-Apr-18 17-Apr-18 Hilton Hotel Doha www.gulf-times.com/story/585592/Qatar-India-Business-and-Investment-Conference-to-
Apex Business Solutions WLL Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 17-Apr-18 17-Apr-18 The Westin Hotel www.learnetic.com/edex-qatar-2018/
4th Annual Symposium of Community Mental Service in Qatar
Hamad Medical Corporation Educational Symposuim 19-Apr-18 19-Apr-18 Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/4ASCMHS/Pages/default.aspx
3rd Annual International Conference and Exhibition on English Language Teaching
Qatar University Conference w/ Exhibition 21-Apr-18 22-Apr-18 Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/events/3rd-Annual-International-Conference-and-Exhibition-on-English-Language-Teaching
IATA Ground Handling Conference
ELAN Events Confex B2B 22-Apr-18 25-Apr-18 Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel www.iata.org/events/ighc/Pages/index.aspx
Cityscape 2018
Elan Events B2B Exhibition 22-Apr-18 25-Apr-18 DECC www.cityscapeqatar.com
Qatar Green Leaders
Venue Star For Occasion Confex B2B 23-Apr-18 24-Apr-18 Katara Hall B12 www.qatargreenleaders.com/
Moushtarayat 2018
Just us lotto Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 23-Apr-18 25-Apr-18 DECC www.moushtarayat.com/en
Zak World of Facades Conference
Apex Business Solutions Confex B2B 24-Apr-18 24-Apr-18 Hilton Hotel Doha https://10times.com/zak-world-facades-middle-east-doha
Heya 13th Edition
Design Creationz B2C Exhibition 25-Apr-18 29-Apr-18 DECC http://heya.qa/
1st National Respiratory Care Conference 2018
Hamad Medical Corporation Educational Conference 26-Apr-18 26-Apr-18 Hamad Medical Corpration www.hamad.qa/EN/All-Events/Pages/default.aspx
7th Surgical Research & Innovation Ideas Symposium
Hamad Medical Corpration Educational Symposuim 26-Apr-18 28-Apr-18 Hamad Medical Corporation www.hamad.qa/EN/news/2017/November/Pages/HMC-Holds-6th-Surgical-Research-and-Innovation-Ideas-Ibn-Al-Quff-Symposium-.aspx


Qatar University Annual Research Forum & Exhibition 2018
Qatar University Conference w/ Exhibition 1-May-18 2-May-18 Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/events/Annual-Research-Forum-and-Exhibition
Contemporary Western Trends in Qur’anic Studies The Problematic Objectivity and Bias: A Cognitive View
Qatar University Annual Conference 2-May-18 3-May-18 N/A www.qu.edu.qa/events/Contemporary-Western-Trends-in-Quranic-Studies-The-Problematic-Objectivity-and-Bias-A-Cognitive-View
ARDS Management Symposium
Al Wakra Hospital Educational Symposuim 6-May-18 12-May-18 Al Wakra Hospital N/A
In door Fit Out 2018
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 7-May-18 10-May-18 DECC N/A
Project Qatar 2018
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 7-May-18 10-May-18 DECC www.projectqatar.com
The Rise of International Commercial Courts
Qatar Universty Conference 13-May-18 13-May-18 Research Complex Foyer & Auditorium H10 , Qatar Universty N/A


Ramadan Night Market
Gurus Events / QDB B2C exhibition 4-Jun-17 16-Jul-17 Mall of Qatar


Qatar Ports, Transport & Logistics Exhibition
IFP Qatar Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 11-Sep-18 13-Sep-18 DECC www.ifpqatar.com
Health Care Qatar
IFP Qatar Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 11-Sep-18 13-Sep-18 DECC www.ifpqatar.com
2nd CUDOS – Understanding molecular medicine conference
Sidra Medicine Conference 22-Sep-18 24-Sep-18 Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl - Doha http://events.sidra.org/
Building Services Qatar 2018
DMG Events B2B Exhibition 24-Sep-18 26-Sep-18 DECC www.buildingservicesqatar.com
Sports Injury Rehabilitation Conference
Qatar University Conference 24-Sep-18 24-Sep-18 Research Complex Auditorium H10 , Qatar University www.qu.edu.qa/offices/vpsa
Surgical Endocrine Symposium: Thyroid
Hamad Medical Corporation Symposium 28-Sep-18 28-Sep-18 Hajar Auditorium, HMC Education Center www.hamad.qa/EN/Pages/default.aspx


5th Qatar Internal Medicine Conference and the Best of ACP Meeting 2018
Internal Medicine International Conference 11-Oct-18 13-Oct-18 QNCC www.hamad.qa/EN/Pages/default.aspx
Italian Franchise Fair
Media Plus B2B & B2C Exhibition 12-Oct-18 14-Oct-18 The Westin Hotel http://mediaplusqatar.com/
Qatar Motor Show
Qatar Tourism Authority / Fira Qatar B2C Exhibition 16-Oct-18 20-Oct-18 DECC www.qatarmotorshow.gov.qa/
Qatar Urolithiasis Forum
Urology Forum 18-Oct-18 19-Oct-18 Sheraton Grand Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/Pages/default.aspx
Sustainability Summit 2018
GORD / Zoom Art & Design Conference w/ Exhibition B2B 23-Oct-18 24-Oct-18 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel www.gord.qa
City View Global 2018
Ibhar for Exhibition B2C Exhibition 23-Oct-18 25-Oct-18 DECC www.ibharexpo.com/
The 3rd Edition of Qatar Sustainability Week 2018
Qatar Green Building Council Conferences, Exhibitions and Activities 27-Oct-18 03-Nov-18 N/A http://qatargbc.org/qsw-events-list-2017
The 4th Edition of Qatar Green Building Conference 2018
Qatar Green Building Council Conference 28-Oct-18 30-Oct-18 QNCC http://qatargbc.org/home
International Conference on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Regional Development
Qatar University Conference w/ Exhibition 29-Oct-18 31-Oct-18 N/A http://iceird.eu/2018/
World Academic Council for Emergency Medicine 2018 (WACEM)
Hamad Medical Corporation International Conference 31-Oct-18 03-Nov-18 Sheraton Grand Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/Pages/default.aspx


Hospitality Qatar 2018
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 6-Nov-18 8-Nov-18 DECC www.hospitalityqatar.com/
Qatar Advanced Technology Exhibition
IFP Qatar B2B Exhibition 6-Nov-18 8-Nov-18 DECC www.ifpqatar.com
INDEX Qatar 2018
DMG Events B2B Exhibition 13-Nov-18 15-Nov-18 DECC www.index-qatar.com
The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH)
Qatar Foundation Summit 13-Nov-18 14-Nov-18 QNCC www.wish.org.qa/
International Sports & Games Exhibition 2018
Manar Events B2C Exhibition 20-Nov-18 24-Nov-18 QNCC Not yet available
3rd Qatar Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolic Conference
Hamad Medical Corporation International Conference 29-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 Sheraton Grand Hotel www.hamad.qa/EN/Pages/default.aspx
CUOG – Clinical Update in OBG
Sidra Medicine Conference 30-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 Sidra Auditorium http://events.sidra.org/


Special Needs
PCC Advertising B2B Exhibition 3-Dec-18 5-Dec-18 QNCC Not yet available

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